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Gallery Of Our Engines


Owned By The Woolsey Family

Ellie is a Romulus type 0-4-0 loco
She was built in 1975 by G.T.OUGHTON

Before we got Ellie the Woolsey family use to drive her on the Pentney Light Railway at Pentney Park Caravan Site. When the site shut the family brought her and
is now the main steam loco you will see at most of our events.

Owned By The Woolsey Family

Captain is a Excalibur MK1 Co-Co type loco built by Abbots Model Engineering

Captain was built in 2020 when the Woolsey family decided they needed a big powerful battery loco to run at their events. You can normally see her at the start and end of the day helping Ellie out when the station gets busy.

Scamp 120
Owned By The Woolsey Family

Scamp 120 is a Scamp ( Lister ) loco built by CMD Engineering

Scamp 120 was built in 2022 to help us with smaller events but can now be seen at nearly all our events as she is a fan favourite.

She also got a nickname The Flying Banana 

Owned By The Woolsey Family

Wall.e is the original Excalibur built by Abbots Model Engineering

Wall.e was the first loco the Woolsey family brought back in 2008 and is the members favourite loco to drive.

Wall.e can be seen at our bigger weekend events double heading trains with M.O

Owned By The Woolsey Family

M.O was built in 2009 by Abbots Model Engineering

M.O was the second loco the Woolsey family brought. M.O used to go to other railway to help them out when they were short of locos.

You can now see M.O at our bigger weekend events double heading with Wall.e

Owned By The Woolsey Family

Eva was brought back in 2012 and was the Woolsey family first steam loco.
Eva was rebuilt in 2018 by J D Engineering where she has a complete overhaul.

Eva used to run at our smaller events but is now waiting repairs before coming back into service.
Watch this space

Owned by The Chopping Family 

Skylark is an 0-6-0 battery diesel shunter built by Compass house

Skylark can normally be seen at Summerfields Miniature Railway but sometimes has a day out to our portable railway. 


Owned By Ollie Bannister

The Pennsylvania Railroad E2B Class was a class of six electric locomotives that were built by General Electric in 1952. They produced a total of 2,500hp and could achieve 65mph. Four of them were numbered 4939-4942, and the class were commonly used in three pairs. They had AC Traction Motors and could work in multiple control with existing PRR Locomotives. They generally did this with the Class P5A. Sadly the E2B Class along with the similar looking E3B Class were scrapped in 1964 and none of them are preserved. Ollie drove this 7 1/4 Inch Gauge version back in 2018 at East Herts Miniature Railway in Ware when Ollie was volunteering there and it was running at the railway’s 40th Anniversary Gala in the Summer of that year.


Owned By Callum Frost

Charlotte was built by Ashford Miniature Railway in 2024 for the Frosts Portable Miniature Railway. 
Charlotte is an 0-4-0 diesel outline locomotive powered by 2 12V battery's. Charlotte is the main loco for Callum's railway but she will be out and about with our railway when she can.

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